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Health Care

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Enhanced Naval War Gaming Simulator (ENWGS)

  • Re-engineering and system feature development in PL/I, "C", ADA

  • Platform and weapon systems modeling and simulation

  • User interface development

  • Client training and support


Tomahawk Test Launch Console (TTLC)

  • Temporary system replacement for the Tomahawk Launch Console

  • Real-time simulation software development in "C"

  • User interface simulating Tomahawk Launch Console

  • Interface to All-Up Round (AUR), Tomahawk missile tube simulator


Command/Control Integrated Network Design for Fast-Attack Submarines

  • Author of a white-paper for the US Navy illustrating a design for a fiber-optic token-ring network

  • Command/control/weapon systems workstations

  • Fault-tolerance implemented at the design phase

  • Dynamically configurable


Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Department Support

  • Ship silencing lab

  • Security and classification support


Peacekeeper/Mx ICBM Launch Control System Design and Development

  • Multi-phase involvement

    • Project management

    • Requirements development

    • Real-time software design and development in Jovial and Macro-11

    • Test plan generation

  • Multi-system responsibility

    • Remote cable and radio communications

    • Extended Precision Arithmetic Routines Library

    • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) database management and analysis



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