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Rapid development of behavior change expert systems has been made possible by utilizing formal object design, and by implementing a component initialization strategy, that while general enough to be applicable across systems, is sufficiently robust, providing specific information for each variant.


The initial design continues to be refined as new ideas are incorporated into subsequent behavior change systems.  This allows earlier generations of expert systems to evolve, incorporating the new concepts.  Re-engineering is not an issue, simply because it is not necessary.


The software has been designed and developed to run as an embedded system with a well-defined interface.  The modality of the delivery system: batch, interactive, client-server or web, and whether the study is a multi-risk or single-risk system, has been made irrelevant by the data specification.


The need for post-collection data analysis has also been given great consideration.  Standardization is implemented at the expert system module level.  Therefore, the format of the data of common module subsections remains consistent, making life easier for the researcher.

Subject Areas (risks) Organizations
Smoking Johnson & Johnson
Nicotrol Patch McNeill Consumer Products
Diet Kaiser Permanente
Sun/UV Avoidance LifeScan
Exercise Public Management Associates (UK)
Stress Behavioral Solutions
Alcohol Nelson Communications
Cervical Cancer University of California
Diabetes Multi-risk Boston University
Glucose Monitoring  
Emotional Distress
Carbohydrate Monitoring




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